At Haute Cakes & Couture Desserts, our number one priority is creating the high quality cakes that taste divine! Party cakes are two layers of cake/one layer of cream filling; custom cakes are three layers of cake/two layers of cream filling. This results in each bite being soft, fluffy and full of flavor. Every recipe is based from a pound cake and dressed in our signature buttercream icing made from 100% sweet cream butter, and our own vanilla, marinated with premium vanilla beans for 6 months!



Popular Flavor Combinations

  • Signature White Cake – White cake with a hint of almond flavor, buttercream, lemon, raspberry, or strawberry cream filling
  • The Original Champagne Cake™ – champagne-flavored chiffon cake, strawberries and cream filling
  • Pink Lady – Strawberry cake with strawberries and cream cheese -lavored, champagne filling
  • Tropical Paradise – Pistachio cake, pineapple cream filling with coconut icing
  • Strawberry Cheesecake – Vanilla cake, strawberry filling with cream cheese  flavored icing
  • Cookies and Cream – Chocolate or vanilla cake with cookies and cream center
  • Caramel Toffee Crunch – Chocolate or Vanilla cake, sweet caramel and toffee cream
  • Italian Cream – Coconut pecan cake, cream cheese flavored pecan filling.
  • Chocolate Berry Truffle – Chocolate cake, strawberry cream or raspberry cream filling
  • Blackberry or Raspberry Lemon – Lemon cake, white chocolate and blackberry cream or raspberry cream filling
  • Classic Carrot Cake – Fresh Carrot cake with cream cheese flavored pecan filling
  • Junior Mint – Chocolate cake, mint chocolate chip cream filling
  • Cafe Correcto – Chocolate espresso cake, Irish cream filling
  • Birthday Cake – Vanilla confetti cake, confetti cream filling
  • Coconut Joy – Fluffy coconut cake make with shredded coconut and real coconut milk, coconut cream filling


  • **Not all flavor/ Filling combinations can be used for sculpted/ 3D cakes.
  • ***Not an allergy-sensitive/gluten-free/dairy-free/sugar-free baker.